About Face8 Facial recognition system

Face8 facial recognition system is fully and independently developed by PAPAGO Inc. Due to its high recognition accuracy, it has been adopted by more than 1000 customers, and its recognition volume is more than 100 thousand each day. It is presently the facial recognition engine with largest recognition volume in Taiwan.

The facial recognition technology of Face8 can be applied in areas such as attendance management, access control, member management for a gym and site management for construction industry.

We can provide API interface and recognition engine test and exhibition platform service to be used by our software developing customers.

We can also provide turnkey solution for customers. We can install platform into private network architecture of an organization or enterprise to be used internally and in closed loop in an enterprise to ensure information security.

Fully and independently developed facial recognition engine
Accurate and safe

Recognition accuracy
99.8 %
Anti-counterfeiting capability for living body
100 %
Masked facial recognition accuracy
99.7 %

It has been adopted by more than
1000 customers

It has more than
100 thousandrecognition volume each day

Face8 has acquired international class certification

Face8 is an AI professional image recognition developer with technology fully and independently developed by PAPAGO Inc and with recognition accuracy as high as 99.8%. Meanwhile, it has passed international class ISO/IEC 30107-3 anti-counterfeiting attack test, ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 international information security certification. Therefore, information security is guaranteed, and it is local Facial Recognition engine with the largest recognition volume in Taiwan.


NIST test certified


iBeta international anti-counterfeiting certified for living body


ISO/IEC27001:2013 information security certified


Facial recognition attendance management

Smart cloud attendance management

Through cloud attendance management system, employees can use AI Facial Recognition for punch-in to replace punch paper or the carrying of identification card, therefore, it can avoid punch-in by other person; meanwhile, it can help HR to manage employee’s attendance and absence in smart way and to calculate employee’s salary automatically, in other words, it can complete complicated attendance management operation for human resource department more efficiently and easily. It saves time, saves efforts and saves cost.

Facial recognition access control

Facial recognition identification certification Access record online management

Access management system can replace manual identification verification, therefore, it can make fast Facial Recognition and identification verification and record access time; meanwhile, the record is managed online and is stored in cloud storage space for easy access.

Facial recognition control for construction industry

The access personnel in work site can be managed smartly and systematically

Through cloud management system, it can verify the work site access status of construction team and personnel flow in real time; meanwhile, it can avoid the entrance of non-work personnel and to prevent any work site accident from happening.

Facial recognition control for gym

Smart system is used to manage the access of members, coaches and students in gym

Cloud member system is used to manage member’s access smartly. Because Facial Recognition is used to control member’s access to the gym, member’s identity cannot be replaced, and member does not have to use member card for access; it can enhance the member management mechanism, and it can also be connected serially to original member system.

Work safety protection system

Use AI technology to upgrade work site safety

Our AI intelligent surveillance and warning can help and enhance work site environment safety in construction site, factory or specific work site; personnel must obey standard operation procedure (SOP) in work site, and our system can provide industrial safety and occupational safety protection image identification solutions; the system can detect and track personnel behavior in real time, if any emergency situation occurs, the system can send notice and alarm immediately to prevent the accident from happening.

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